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Do you qualify for a scholarship at a university in the United States?
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Academic Scholarship

Since this Scholarship Program was created in 1997, it has been helping thousands of international students from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. It accounts for more than USD 42,000,000 each year in scholarship awards funding for our students.

Sports Scholarships

Unleash your sports potential, we give you pathways to become a pro and to have back-up of academics. Discover complete mentoring, imcomparable training and coaching of highest order through our scholarship program.


Out-of-class learning is driven by the objective to discover and develop talent. OOCL is not parallel to school education rather it is to increase interest in education and school itself. It consists of curricular and non-curricular learning experiences for students outside the school environment.


A golden opportunity for 12th class students to receive a bunch of scholarship offers from US universities to study any course of their choice.


“I got what I needed the most to pursue my dream of studying in US. SFS provided me with some spectacular scholarships and many options of universities to choose from.SFS has made US education really affordable and manageable for my family.I am still in touch with them for advise on career and ...

Akshay Bhardwaj , Bachelors- Mechanical Engineering


“My daughter Ruchi has got scholarship of Prema UpadhyayINR 45 lacs to study Bachelors in Computer Engineering. Nothing beats SFS scholarship program which made my dream come true of sending my daughter to US for higher studies ...

Prema Upadhyay , Ruchi Upadhyay\'s Mother

Bachelors-Computer Engineering

Dream School Applications

The most dedicated service of its kind is provided when students look forward to apply for admissions in their most preferred or dream school. It can be an Engineering College, Business School, Liberal Arts University or a top college in globally popular rankings generated by mediums such as US news, QS or The Financial Times.